Month: February 2019

Top Ten Tips For First Blind Dating

One of the most common terms that we use for dating is the “blind date”. When relatives or friends are setting up to meet two people which don’t know each other.

When you are recommended by a friend to go on a blind date, usually you should accept. Generally speaking, it is someone who knows both parties, and if his convinction is that you could make a couple, you should consider that.

Of course, we suppose that you know how good friend is the matchmaker for you.

Usually, you don’t know the person you will meet, when you go to a blind date, the ideal is that your friends give you a picture of the other blind dater.

There are people who enjoy to go to blind dates, and there are known a lot of cases of couples whom met in blind dates and they built strong healthy families.

But, as a general rule, considering that it is your first contact with that person, you will feel a little nervous, and the feeling will be mutual.

You have never spoke to that person, you will hardly find a subject a conversation, and, the worse, you will not know if the other likes you.

The best strategy is to ask your matchmaker and to gather as much information that you can about your blind dater. This will help you a lot at the moment of finding a conversation subject.

You may have success together or you may not, the good part of the story is that, in any case, you may become friends, and this is something useful for
both of you.

You must not have great expectations at your first blind dating. Anyway, don’t loose your hope if it happens to fail. Actually, it is something very common. there are chances of one to ten thousands to find the woman of your life in your first blind date, although it happens.

Beside of gaining a long term friend (you have no reason to be enemies if you don’t like each other), you are accumulating experience for the next time.
So, keep dating!

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